2020 Challenges

Help us raise £2020 in 2020 (or more!)

News!  Two of our companions, in the photo below, who guided us through the MS Bike challenge in Canada in 2017 are doing a new challenge – they are cycling the length of Vancouver Island in September.  Please support them (and us!) by donating to Van Isle 500  For more information see https://theneilmackenzietrust.com/van-isle-500-2/

Fun to donate, fun to participate, fun to benefit!

Donate now at Go Fund Me

MS start

Are you up for a challenge, anytime in 2020, to help us raise money to provide outdoor non-competitive skills training (particularly to those who would otherwise have difficulty with funding) and worldwide expeditions?  In 2020 we hope to raise £2020 (or more) as well as raising awareness of the Trust.

The challenges must be fun as well as challenging.  [Original post – They can be anything, but are preferably outdoor activities, and can be carried out individually or in groups, although we we would also hope that even individual challenges would involve meeting other people.]  As a result of the current situation challenges of more than one person must be carried out in household groups until restrictions are lifted. All ages can be included – from under 2 to over 200!

Finally, the money raised is important, but anything over 20p is enough!  Don’t think that you can’t do it, because you can’t raise enough.  The challenge is for you as well as for us.  Every 20p counts and 20ps mount up.  We will be filling a whisky bottle with 20ps (maybe more than one!) – you could choose a bottle of some kind and do the same!

Follow the links for suggestions, ideas, events, support, suggestions, completed challenges etc. (work in progress!)

Below is a reminder of some of  the events and participants from “Bell’s Bothy Challenge” in 2017.

And these are just a few of the training and expeditions we have supported over the last four years.