Case study – Magalie

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This is Magalie’s story………………………………………….

Magalie was introduced to ice climbing by Neil Mackenzie (in whose memory the Trust was set up in 2015), and has continued her climbing in Canada and Europe ever since.  Magalie, who is from France, was captivated by Neil’s stories of climbing in Scotland, and had an ambition to come to Scotland to ice climb, one day.  In 2018 she won a grant from the Trust in a fundraising raffle and chose to use it on a Snow and Ice Climbing – Improvers course in the Highlands.


“Besides improving climbing skills, I wanted to attend this course, in Scotland, to honor and remember my friendship with Neil. Neil introduced me to Ice Climbing in 2013 in Canada, when nobody would take a complete beginner, female, and with poor English skills, on vertical ice walls. He took me to very challenging routes…………………. and showed me that, with a good teaching and thorough gear and landscape checking, one can take almost anyone on these amazing ice walls. Since then, I have been practicing every winters and encouraging other climbers. …………………….. I am very grateful and proud for having had the opportunity of climbing in the Highlands thanks to The Neil Mackenzie Trust Skills training grant 2018!”      Magalie Castelin

Magalie Castelin’s training report.

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We are delighted to have struck up a partnership with Glenmore Lodge to offer enhanced grants for outdoor skills training.  Download an application form – and get started!  Apply anytime, for any of the courses available at Glenmore Lodge.                  We strongly advise you to read our criteria before applying.

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