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This is Sarah’s story …………………………

Sarah’s Mountain Leader training week took place 5-10 October 2020 at Scotland’s national outdoor training centre, Glenmore Lodge. Before embarking on the course Sarah said, “Completing the Mountain Leader award scheme will increase my capacity for volunteering with Friends of the Award (Edinburgh) who help young people to complete the Duke of Edinburgh’s award (DofE). The DofE expedition equips them with important life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving skills and communication as well as the necessary skills for getting into the hills and is often the first time some young people have ever camped.”

Photo credits: Sarah Lund, Tom Fredriksson, Jordan Young.

Sarah’s training report

On Completion

Due to the restrictions since Sarah’s course, as a result of Covid lockdown, Sarah has had difficulty getting in to the mountains. However she said ” I’ve tried to get into the Pentlands quite a bit which I’ve come to know quite well but I’ve had the map out a lot for practice and practiced switching between map scales and taking note of contours a lot more.” FOTA expedition coordinator, Neil, explained that the more qualified volunteers they have the more young people FOTA can support through safe, quality, inclusive and rewarding expeditions, and with mountain leader training it may be possible to gain an exemption from the Lowland Leader training, going straight for the Assessment. Sarah has signed up for this, to help with local lowland countryside walks that are most likely the first areas permitted for a great many expeditions on the waiting list.

The lasting effect:

Sarah is fully committed. She said “The main goal for me is making the hills and mountains more accessible through a program which teaches the skills needed to be safe and responsible in the mountains. The outdoors is there for everyone but many are put off or have not had the same opportunities to learn safety skills or how to be responsible in the hills and so the Duke of Edinburgh expedition is a way to provide these opportunities not traditionally taught at school. This way hopefully both more people will access, appreciate and enjoy the outdoors and nature but reduce the negative press which can come with a lack of understanding or necessary safety skills and will help many young people grow in confidence in general.”

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We are delighted to have struck up a partnership with Glenmore Lodge to offer enhanced grants for outdoor skills training.  Download an application form – and get started!  Apply anytime, for any of the courses available at Glenmore Lodge.                  We strongly advise you to read our criteria before applying.

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