Health and Wellbeing

Our Health and Wellbeing Award was started to help individuals get or get back into the outdoors following the Covid Pandemic.

The Award has now been discontinued, but we consider all our grants will benefit the health and wellbeing of the recipients. If, however, you consider that the skills training course or expedition you are planning will have a particular benefit to your health and/or wellbeing please indicate this, with the reason why, in your application.

It is well documented that being outdoors, pushing boundaries and learning new skills are all beneficial to physical and mental health.  We all learned what it was like to live with varying stages of lockdown during Covid and, undoubtably, this has had an effect on our health and wellbeing.  Everyone’s circumstances are different, but the fact that we were isolated from others for much of the time was difficult for us all. 

We already offer skills training and expedition grants, which we believe help with both physical and mental fitness – why not read more about them and contact us, with any ideas you may have.  Remember that if you think you will particularly benefit physically or mentally by going on a course or expedition, let us know when you get in touch.

To enhance positive mental health we are encouraged to connect with people, be active, enjoy the world and nature around us (and be out in it), keep learning and give something to others.

If you are considering setting up a voluntary group or organisation which you think would help to promote mental health and wellbeing in others, but require some financial help, we may be able to help.  Contact us to let us know your plans.