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Look out for our 20 x 2020 Challenge ideas – we would love to get 20 different activities over the year, have events in 20 countries and depending on the coronavirus situation, attend 20 of your challenges, ourselves!

Think inside the box:

Choose one of your favourite activities and set yourself a target – push yourself further to improve your ability, style, strength or stamina and raise some cash for us.

Walk/run a defined distance in your hall or garden every day/week and challenge yourself  to walk the equivalent of say from home to Glasgow/London/Paris or wherever!

Climb your stairs a set number of times each day and aim to complete the height of your favourite mountain (or any other mountain) in a set number of hours/days.

Think outside the box:  The world is your oyster!

Take up a new sport or hobby.

Ask a friend to set you a challenge.

[Join a new club/group and set a challenge with your new found friends.]

Remember the Trust and raise some funds for us to give grants for skills training and expeditions.


– it does not have to be outside (although that is our preference) [you could go to a pool and swim 20 miles in 20 weeks, set a challenge on a climbing wall or set targets in the gym.]

– it doesn’t need to be a physical challenge (although, again, that is our preference), it could be a photographic challenge, a drawing, painting, DIY, knitting, or design challenge, or a challenge relating to any hobby you could imagine.  Again – taking up a new hobby could be the challenge.  If your challenge is a crafty one, maybe you could make something(s) and sell them in aid of the Trust (or donate them to us to sell).

Ideas and suggestions from us and from others:

Family walk/swim/cycle

[Climb a mountain, ridge or big wall]

Walk, run or cycle a [long] specific distance [trail] from your home

[Kayak around an island

run a ridge or a range

swim around or swim the length of a loch or lake

build and sail a raft,

bivvy out on a hill or summit

beach clean and camp on beach

enter a sporting event – fell run, marathon, multi discipline event………………… anything that will challenge you

climb a munro and watch the sunrise/sunset from the top]

Please let us know your ideas and suggestions.

Follow the links for events, support, suggestions, completed challenges etc.