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Watch this space for tips and suggestions to help you set up an event, and please let us know your own tips and ideas.

Please be sure that nothing you are arranging contravenes your government regulations at this difficult time.  We recommend that any “events” you organise are virtual and any outside challenges take place in your garden – or as part of your allowable daily exercise.


1.  Although our focus is on non-competitive sports, field sports and competitions involve lots of people (lots of 20ps), can be fun and there is nothing wrong with a bit of heathy rivalry.

2.  A physical challenge such as a run or swim is a perfect way to get fit.  More unusual challenges can also appeal to press and media – Send a press release to your local paper  if you are setting yourself an unusual challenge, and it could help your chances of increasing your fundraising.

3.  Organise an event, and share the proceeds with another charity (medical or caring ones hold greater emotional pull) – we are happy to share!

4.  Set up a crowdfunding page for your challenge or event to help bring in the 20ps.

Follow the links for suggestions, ideas, events, support, completed challenges etc.