First Challenges

478News is filtering through of some of the first challenges that will be taking place in the New Year.  As I have already said, we  hope to do a winter walk in to the new Camasunary Bothy (Bell’s Bothy) sometime towards the end of the first week of January, weather permitting, and we hope that we will have company. There are also a couple of Antipodean Challenges happening soon, canoeing in Australia and cycling in NZ, and another in Canada, skating on the canal in Ottawa.  Thanks Lewis, Pablo and Stephane and Good Luck!  I hope you’ll have fun, get lots of support, and meet some friends along the way!  Please post your plans and photos to let us know how you are getting on.

For everyone taking part in Bell’s Bothy Challenge please note:

It can take place anytime in 2017, anywhere in the world.

It should be a personal challenge but can take place individually or in a group.

Support for The Neil Mackenzie Trust can be made by donation to
or, if you are being sponsored for your challenge, you can set up your own online sponsorship at  The money raised will be awarded in grants for outdoor skills training in Scotland and expedition and adventure grants anywhere in the world.  There is no minimum donation.

In order to encourage others we would like you to add your plans and your adventure – with lots of photos – to this blog and don’t forget to read what others have done and are planning.

We would also like you to take time, at some stage during your challenge, to collect some rubbish on your route, and dispose of it responsibly, leaving anywhere you visit cleaner than you found it.

And finally we hope that you will meet old friends, and forge new friendships along the way – in the spirit of Bell.

Wishing you all the best for Christmas and a Challenging 2017!  Good Luck!