VOC Adventure Grant

The Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant was set up in 2015 in conjunction with the Trust by The Varsity Outdoor Club (VOC) at the University of British Columbia to give members the opportunity to find adventures, mainly in Scotland.

“We, his parents, want to keep Neil’s memory alive in VOC by awarding a grant to a suitable applicant or applicants who can demonstrate a wish to seek adventure or training in physical outdoor activities, preferably in Scotland, and help them to achieve their objectives. The funding for an adventure will be divided – part funded by VOC fundraising, part by The Neil Mackenzie Trust, and part by the applicants themselves.”                                                          Margaret and Angus Mackenzie, November 2016

See information page for more information on the grants

For past awards and links to VOC trip reports click here.

This grant is only available to VOC members.

Applications for 2021 are now open.  Winners will be announced at the VOC Banquet in March, 2021.

Incidentally, one of Neil’s last trips reported to VOC was to Mount Shuksan (shuksan trip report).  The photo at the top of this page was Neil (centre), Steffi Grothe (who died with him on Joffre Peak on 11th January 2015) and friend and colleague in CBR, Alex Bauer Westbye.  The following week Neil took us (Angus and Margaret) to the ski area at Mount Baker and we watched another VOC group tackling Shuksan!