Grants available …….

……… and how to apply

Grants will only be awarded when there is appropriate funding available    

Please note: We review grant applications on a monthly basis. Due to the current restrictions approvals may be dependent on following the guidelines in the relevent country or countries the application applies to.

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If you would like to be considered for a 2021 grant please contact us with an outline of your expedition or training and we will send you an application form.  Please note – to save your time and ours we do not put forms up on this site, for anyone to fill in.  If you have got hold of one, and we did not send it to you it may be out of date.    Contact us first, and we will send you a form if your project fits our criteria and we will be able to help and advise you!

1. Outdoor Skills Training  Grants – preference will be given to residents in Scotland.  Apply anytime and allow up to 4 weeks for a decision to be made.

Grants, to a maximum of £250, will be awarded for outdoor, non competitive training and generally we are more likely to support training in disciplines that have not already been supported.  Grants will not be awarded if related to your employment nor to further your career.  Applicants must be resident in Scotland and training courses should be carried out in Scotland.  If you are 14 – 17 years old there are grants available up to a maximum of £200 per person. Except in exceptional circumstances, only one grant will be awarded to any one family. Grants are not available for competitions or competitive training.

NEW!  We are working in partnership with Glenmore Lodge, Scotland’s national outdoor training centre, to provide skills training grants to individuals who can demonstrate particular need.  Under this scheme up to £400 will be available.

If you are over 14 and interested in applying for a grant for outdoor skills training from The Neil Mackenzie Trust, please contact us with details of the training course and we will send you the appropriate application form.  If you would like to apply for an enhanced grant for training at Glenmore Lodge, you will find more information here. There is no upper age limit for applications.

Preference will be given to individuals who will use their training to help or train others, for example members of mountain rescue teams or volunteers in clubs and organisations.

2.  Expedition Grants:

There are funds available, for 2021, for applications by individuals, small groups or families for expedition grants.  Please note that we cannot fund you if you are going with and/or raising money for another charity.  If you are planning a trip, adventure or expedition and need a bit of help, contact us with your outline plans and we will let you know if we think we may be able to assist, and if so, we will send you an application form.  We will consider applications on a monthy basis and anything from a Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition to a first ascent might attract a grant!   Grants are not limited by age or location.  The amount of grant available will depend on the adventure, and may be limited by available funds.

2a. Educational Expedition Grant:

As a result of several enquiries by students (from “gap” year to PhD) we introduced this sub category in 2018.  To qualify for this grant the applicant must be resident in Scotland and be able to demonstrate all or most of the following: challenge, physical outdoor activity, training, new skills and/or ground breaking study, cultural and/or environmental benefit, international links, and a benefit to others.  We will consider applications twice a year.  Please contact us with your proposed educational expedition and we will forward an application form if appropriate.  The next deadline for applications will be in 15th February, 2021.

Recipients and disciplines that have already received awards can be seen here.

If you are going on a course or to a conference and can visualise an adventure in the area/country you are going to – let us know!  Neil always looked for adventure around the places he was going to with his work, and looked for places he could work, where he saw an adventure!

3. The Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant 2021

Applications from VOC members are now invited for 2021 award.  This grant is awarded in conjunction with VOC (Varsity Outdoor Club at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada). This helps members of VOC who want to pursue an outdoor adventure, in Scotland, Canada or anywhere else in the world.  More information here.

4. Other Grants:

If you have any other idea that you would like help with, and you think it might be suitable, let us know your plan and we will let you know if we might be able to assist.


Finlay Johnston, Junior skills training grant, 2018 – winter climbing.

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