Outdoor, non competitive skills training and expedition grants are available: return to Grants available page.

  • We have a preference for awarding grants to individuals who are residents in Scotland, and for training courses carried out in Scotland. (We do not support group applications from clubs, and individual applications for the same course will be limited)
  • We are looking for applications that demonstrate challenge and personal development.
  • If you are applying for an Expedition Grant you must be able to demonstrate that you will benefit by education, physical challenge and/or mental stimulation.
  • If you are applying for an Educational Expedition Grant we are also looking for innovative research and for you to demonstrate the benefits of the research and/or knowledge gained to both you and others.
  • We prefer to award Skills Grants to recipients who will use their training to help others – eg. In a leadership role, training or mentoring others in a voluntary capacity, or in a rescue team.
  • If there is a subsequent assessment we strongly recommend that you include this assessment in your application, as we may not be able to support a subsequent application.
  • We are keen to assist teenagers and adults who are disadvantaged (for example by financial, environmental, or learning difficulties or illness), with skills training or expeditions on submission of an appropriate application (as far as possible completed by the applicant)
  • We offer the opportunity for you to include an endorsement from an appropriate person who can support your need for assistance for the course or expedition. This will enhance chances of approval.
  • We now offer the opportunity for enhanced grants for training carried out at Glenmore Lodge.  If you are applying for a grant for a course at Glenmore Lodge, it is essential that the endorsement section is completed, to qualify for an enhanced grant.
  • We do not fund courses for competitive sports, or assist with costs of competitions.
  • We do not award grants for training directly related to any form of employment – full time or part time.
  • We do not assist individual applicants, groups or businesses with the purchase of clothing or equipment.
  • We do not fund applicants who are going on an expedition with, or raising money towards their expedition, for another charity.

Please also be aware that it may take up to 4 weeks for a decision to be made. We cannot pay grants retrospectively, and it is our preference to allocate funds before a booking is made for a place on a training course.