Who’s saying what?

Thank you so much for your generous grant award of £250. It means a lot to me and will be hugely beneficial for FOTA in continuing to provide assistance to young people completing the expedition section of their D of E award. Giving young people the opportunity, skills and confidence to introduce them to and safely enjoy the mountains are close to my heart.  S. L. September 2020

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and the trust for giving me this fantastic opportunity.  Thank you so much for your support and for believing in me. C.F March 2020

I am very grateful and proud for having had the opportunity of climbing in the Highlands thanks to The Neil Mackenzie Skills Grant 2018!     M.C Sept. 2019

We’re very, very grateful to have had this chance for a once in a lifetime adventure, and we really had a blast. We can’t thank you enough.   B & J Sept.2019

“I am so so so thankful to have had this opportunity! I am finally beginning to go through my photos and reliving the memories is such a lovely experience. Once I have my report I will send it along your way. I do hope it speaks to you, I think the highlands will always hold a special place in my heart”    M.N June 2019

“Your support was much appreciated!”   E.B June 2019

“Having the support of the Neil Mackenzie trust has been fantastic, as it’s often hard to find the funds required to participate in training and assessments.”    G.H. March 2019

“I’m very excited about the students having the opportunity to go to Namibia on what will be a very special expedition. Without your support the Namibia expedition would not take place, as we are a small college with only limited resources.”    J.N. (UHI) March 2019

“A very enjoyable week and thank you to the Neil Mackenzie Trust.”   D.B. Feb.  2019

“Massive thanks to the wonderful Neil Mackenzie trust. You funded my expedition when my project work was not making ends meet. I am so grateful for the opportunity. You absolute legends.”   C.L November 2018

” I wish to say a massive thank you to the Neil Mackenzie Trustees for their incredibly generous support.  I am continuing to plan my trip and this would not have been possible without your interest in my adventures to Yosemite.”   E.S Oct. 18

“Just wanted to let you know that I recently passed my Mountain Leader assessment at Glenmore Lodge – thank you again so much for all your support, it has been amazing.”   C.W. October 2018

“I wanted to let you know that that is us back from our Madagascar adventure. Thank you guys so much for the grant we really couldn’t of done it without you. The trip was a huge success and was probably the best we have been on yet. Madagascar is a beautiful country made up of amazing people, scenery, wildlife and climbing. Both C. and I achieved our goals with C. freeing and bolting a world class big wall and me developing amazing large boulders in the valley below.”   E.C. September 2018

“Hello lovely people at Neil Mackenzie trust.  Thank you so much for assisting my expedition. I am grateful.”   C.L   Sept 2018

“I have completed my day skipper sailing course, which the trust helped me afford. Without the trusts help it would have not been doable!   Thank you very much I have learnt many new and useful skills.”  D.L. October 2017