Connel Laing

Introduction to Mountain Biking with Cycle Wild Scotland, August 2017


Wednesday 9th Aug 2017

I was very pleased to get the opportunity to spend a full day with a top mountain expert, Jules from Cycle Wild Scotland.  My experience of riding trails was very limited, I had not really felt confident to go on the trials near where I live in Speyside.  After spending a day with Jules, I feel much more confident in my ability to ride off road, technical parts of the trails.

We started the day looking at the bike and making it trail safe by carrying out a M check.  Then we headed up the trails in Laggan Wolftrax.  Jules asked me at the beginning what I would like to achieve.  My main aim was to try cornering, effective descents, tactical braking and climbing and most important to be able to do a wheelie!

The day was full on, lots learned and achieved.  I really enjoyed the day and have came away with such a buzz to ride more technical stuff.    I would like to thank The Neil Mckenzie Trust for this amazing opportunity, spending time in the outdoors and doing adventurous activities is great fun and I look forward to meeting new folk with similar interests and joining a local club.

Connel Laing Aged 15 Rothes