Expedition Reports

Due to the length of the 2019 reports they have been included as links.  In due course “taster” versions will appear, with links to the full reports.

Mark Robson and Simon Richardson: Expedition to Oasis Peak, Alaska

Ethan Berman and Antony Wood: Expedition to Denali, Alaska

Harriet Barr, Sarah Becker, Megan Gray, Rosie Forsyth, Fiona Mackay, Amy Savage (West Highland College, UHI. Namibia trip (Educational Expedition Grant): NamibRand Nature Reserve Fence Survey


Christy Logan Gold D of E Expedition :    Glen Affric – Part 1

Glen Affric – Part 2

Kai Westwell report on Expedition to Madagascar

Beth Maciver Gold D of E expedition report

Calum and Eadan Cunningham – Madagascar Report:

  Arrival in Madagascar and the drive in 

Bouldering (Eadan)

Video, including journey in, bouldering, locals – human and animal, etc.

Big Walling (Calum), Conclusion and photos

Film “Blood Moon” by Alastair Lee (As seen at the Brit Rock film festival 2018) – The big wall.