Glenmore Lodge Partnership

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We are delighted to have struck up a partnership with Glenmore Lodge to offer enhanced grants for outdoor skills training.   This partnership helps everyone involved – we can offer more grants and you can get more money to go on the outdoor adventure course of your choice.

You may already have a dream of what you would like to learn if money was no object, but if not, here are some ideas!

Hill walking and navigation.

Screenshot_2019-11-28 Winter Skills (5 Days) - Glenmore Lodge

Rock Climbing

Course Image

Screenshot_2019-11-28 Sea Kayak Skills, Journey and Expedition - Glenmore Lodge

Paddle sports

Screenshot_2019-11-28 Outdoor Pursuits Holidays Scotland Glenmore Lodge Ski Qualification

Qualifications: eg Winter mountain skills

If you would like to apply for a non-competitive outdoor skills training course at Glenmore Lodge, and think that you may qualify for an enhanced grant please download an application form and return it to us at  It may help you to read our criteria before filling in your application.  We are particularly keen to help teenagers and adults who are in some way disadvantaged (for example by financial, environmental, or learning difficulties or illness), with skills training.  In order to qualify for an enhanced grant we require an endorsement from an appropriate person who can support your need for assistance for the course.  Without an endorsement you can still apply, but any grant awarded will be less.