Challenge main event 29th April – 7th May


Camasunary House

We are hoping for lots of Challengers at Camasunary at the end of April/early May.  The timetable (outline, below) includes plenty of time for challenges, cleaning the bothy, clearing up the bay and some fun!  Remember to donate to participate, or better still get some sponsors!  We will also be there April 1st/2nd and 1st/2nd July – for Canada Day Celebrations!


For the very old and the very young (or anyone else who is interested) there will be beds available, in the relative comfort of a remote house with no electricity, telephone or central heating!  We are renting the “big house” from Friday 28th April – Tuesday 2nd May. Let me know if you are interested, and for which nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and/or Monday) and I will forward more details to you, including what you will need to bring. There will be a small charge per person per night for this, to help to cover our rental cost.  Please note that there is plenty of hot and cold running water and a well equipped basic kitchen, and a drying room.

The house itself will also be available for any less experienced campers and bothiers who would like to use drying facilities, hot water, flush toilets, even the use of the kitchen, again for a small charge per person per day.

The following weekend we plan to park our van on the shores of Loch Slapin, and hope that one or two others, with vans, will join us.  We will be walking in to the bothy, again, on 6th and probably 7th May to continue the clearance work.

Outline Timetable:

Challenges any day or every day!

Friday 28th – Walk in to Camasunary House, and preparation for the event

Saturday – Beach clean and evening BBQ & bonfire

Sunday – Beach clean and lunchtime bonfire & BBQ (if there is sufficient non plastic rubbish to burn)

Tuesday 2nd – Tidy up and walk out

Saturday 6th – Beach clean

Sunday 7th – Beach clean

More details will be available nearer the time.

Please let us know if you think you will be walking in or walking out to Camasunary with some extra space/weight and could help to carry some stuff in or out.  We are hoping to enlist some help from locals, but all help will be much appreciated.