July Update

The last six weeks or so have flown by and a lot has happened.  More challenges, more beach cleans, cycle training and visitors from Canada to name but a few.

After just over six months the total raised for by the Challenge is £2,575 – just over half the target. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.

Early in June we joined Alice and her friends at Camasunary as they continued her bothy Challenge, and joined Andrew for a few miles of his 2017 Challenge. IMG_1595.JPG

In mid June Daniel & Alexander – two of Neil’s friends from Vancouver – were over from Canada and Holland, respectively for their challenge.  They returned from Skye via Brin, and experienced the BBQ and bonfire of our Highland Gathering of motorhomes, at which Emma Wright (another of Neil’s friends) gave a magical performance on her clarsach.


We returned to Camasunary for our Canada Day (1st July) beach clean & BBQ.

IMG_1692.JPGIt was not without its own challenges:

The Canada Day BBQ had to be postponed for a day because some kind bothiers had carried out our instant BBQs and food (packed in black bin bags) to the bins  at the road end, thinking they were rubbish.  Carly and Kelsey, over from Canada on the Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant joined us, and loved Skye, despite the typical summer weather!

The saga of the removal of rubbish from Camasunary Bay continued.  Misty Isle Boat Trips in Elgol have removed some of the rubbish and over the weekend we persuaded someone from the “big house” to take out some 20 bags in a 4×4 to the Kilmarie road end, which have since been removed from there.  But there is still a LOT left.  We are in communication with various people, but it is not an easy task.  Any help would be much appreciated.  In the mean time it is well secured under netting.

Since then we have been concentrating on our training for our own Challenge.  We are cycling on Vancouver Island in the MS Bike event, in August – in aid of MS in Canada to thank everyone in BC for their help and support at the time of, and since Neil’s accident.  For every $100 we raise for MS we will be donating (ourselves) £10 to The Neil Mackenzie Trust. So far we have reached nearly £100 – our original target.  Now we are hoping for at least $1,250 for MS Canada, maybe even $1,500.

Your Challenge

Several other people  have said that they will do a challenge in aid of the Trust.  If you are one of them please let me know, join the blog to report on your challenge and donate to the Trust.  If you have no plans, make some now!  Or at the very least support us in our Challenge and donate to MS Canada – http://mssoc.convio.net/site/TR/BikeTour/BCandYukonDivision?px=2655379&pg=personal&fr_id=5649 or http://mssoc.convio.net/site/TR/BikeTour/BCandYukonDivision?px=2655380&pg=personal&fr_id=5649

Thank you!