Challenge raises £4,975

IMG_1423There may yet be more reports from 2017 Bell’s Bothy Challenge – I know some are still promised!  The money the challenge has raised is amazing, and I think it is now all collected in.  Including Gift Aid, still to be collected The Trust will have £4,975 to pass on togrant recipients for skills training and expedition grants.  I would like to thank everyone who contributed, but I would especially like to thank my brother, Andrew, for raising 10% of the total by walking 711 miles in the year.  Particularly creditable at 74 with a (two?) new hip(s)!

We have been asked about continuing the Challenge in 2018 – particularly the beach cleaning.  Firstly, we hope as many people as possible will continue to challange themselves in any way they can.  We are contemplating challenging ourselves to cycle over 2,000 miles over the six months between April and September, some of this (maybe about 500 miles) along the Mosel and Rhine when we are in Germany and France in the Spring. Your challenge is up to you – but if you do one please let us know!

Secondly, to beach cleaning …………….. We will not be organising further beach cleans at Camasunary in the foreseeable future  This is unfortunate, but I mentioned the reasons in December.  However, We can all do our bit, and we, ourselves, will be litterpicking on any beach, riverbank, forest, hill or mountain we are on throughout the year.

Finally, remembering Neil, getting together and making new friends will all be in our thoughts in 2018 – and all of us who were at the ceilidh in Edinburgh last weekend have certainly done some of this already!