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Get Outdoors Day, Coming out of Covid, hopefully!

On 22nd May we launched our new Health and Wellbeing Grant with a family, covid compliant walk in our local woods at Daviot, near Inverness. Designed to help ease people out of lockdown and to enhance their wellbeing, the new grant offers a sum of up to £100 to anyone able to indicate a mental or physical need, to join a local exercise group, for example walking, cycling or even team sport.

The walk was attended by individuals, couples and families.  Following some warm up exercises from our leader, Val Rose, of Val Rose Health and Fitness, we set off on a 5k walk.  The children were well entertained with a scavenger hunt, while the adults gradually formed small groups and engaged in relaxed conversations.

It was a chance to meet friends, old and new, and take some gentle exercise, concluding with a drink and home-made cake. It was also possible, then, to learn more about all the grants the Trust offers, and, of course to make donations to the Trust and buy some of their merchandise.  From this, and another “wellbeing” event the Trust raised £500 in May. (See June blog

After the event Carol, who attended, said “This was a great afternoon … I think I speak for several people who attended – we would love another one!”

I am sure this can be arranged, Carol! Indeed we have pencilled in November 13th as a possible date.

Partnership with Glenmore Lodge

In 2019, shortly before Covid hit, we struck up a partnership with Glenmore Lodge, Scotland’s Outdoor Training Centre, where we are able to offer enhanced grants for outdoor skills training of up to £400 to anyone over the age of 14 who could demonstrate a need by being disadvantaged, mentally, physically, or financially.  

Cornelia Frederiksen, the first to  receive this grant in February 2020, said afterwards “It has been a fantastic experience and a personal achievement.”


Cards and tea towels for sale from the website:

A big thank you to all our supporters.  Please keep in touch and let us know your fundraising ideas!

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has helped us raise funds and particularly Fiona Elder and Kate Downes who cycled the length of Vancouver Island (500km), in September 2020, and raised a magnificent £1,265 for us.

You can help us

Do you buy anything from Amazon?  If you do, log on to Amazon Smile and select to support The Neil Mackenzie Trust. We will receive a donation each time you make a purchase.  Since we started getting donations through Amazon we have received over £125.

We have a voucher for canoe or kayak hire for 2 for a weekend, from Tiso, Inverness.  Place your bid by email to (anything over £20) and the highest bidder will be announced on 24th July. 

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Who we have helped …………………

Recent (since May 2021) skills training grants that have been awarded:

Ian McDougall

Ailsa Lopez

Angus Hulbert

Expedition grants have been awarded to destinations including Iceland, Alaska, Namibia, Madagascar,

……………. and what they have said.

“Massive thanks to the wonderful Neil Mackenzie Trust ……… You absolute legends!”

“Having the support of the Neil Mackenzie Trust has been fantastic, as it’s often hard to find the funds required to participate in training and assessments.”

 “Thank you so much for your support and for believing in me.”

The Canadian connection

Neil was an active member of the Outdoor Club at the University of British Columbia, and since his death the Trust has contributed to grants that have been awarded to members to embark on adventures they would not otherwise have been able to do, including some to Scotland.

Carly & Kelsey came to Scotland in 2017`

Can we help you or someone you know?

Get in touch, let us know your plans and we will help if we can!

We have paid out 37 grants (since 2016) totalling over £10,000 – over half on outdoor skills training grants.

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