NMAG Information

Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant 2020

2020 Applications close on 31st January 2020.  We look forward to the announcement of the winner or winners at the VOC Banquet in March.

  • Awards of up to $2,000 will be awarded to individuals or members of a party to pursue an outdoor adventure of their choice.
  • Grants will cover up to 65% of the total project cost. You need to pitch in or secure secondary funding.
  • In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to apply directly to The Neil Mackenzie Trust for help with the secondary funding.


  • Any self-propelled adventure, in the spirit of the VOC, will be considered.
  • Preference for applications for adventure in Scotland. Other regions will also be considered.
  • Applicants must demonstrate sufficient technical experience and background to safely complete their proposed adventure (i.e. AST / Glacier School).
  • A report on completion must be written and submitted to the VOC Journal as well as a separate report on practicality/comments/suggestions on the grant.
  • Grant Awardees are also expected to give a slide show in the fall.


  • All VOC members are invited to apply: associate, student and honorary members.
  • Individual or small groups may apply.
  • For group applications: one application should be submitted for the adventure.
  • Adventures should be executed in the upcoming year 03/2020 – 03/2021
  • Involvement with the VOC community is considered favourably. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their volunteer history with the VOC, or their specific plans to give back to the VOC.


2020 Applications are due in by midnight on January 31st, 2020, by email to VOC.mackenziegrant@gmail.com


Special Awards

Other applications may be considered out of the main timescale, if money is available and the applicant is traveling to an academic course, conference or other activity. For example if you have a research conference in Edinburgh, you may with shorter notice apply for supporting funds to combine an outdoor trip alongside your conference.