Details for the main event

Bell’s Bothy Challenge

Dates: 29th April – 7th May

Venue: Camasunary, near Elgol, Isle of Skye

Open to everyone!


Challenge yourself to get to Camasunary – by whatever means you like, from as far away as possible – the tougher the better, but please stay safe!

Beach clean:

Help us clear the bay of rubbish.  We have a boat and crew, courtesy of “Misty Isle Boat Trips” (link) to take the rubbish out and removal from Elgol is in hand. We will be at Camasunary at some stage during both weekends.  There will be an obvious collection point, close to the beach.  If we are not about please stack any beach rubbish there, ready for collection, and make sure it is secure, and will not blow away in strong winds.  Thank you.


If you are going to join us, please bring some food to cook, rolls, a little wood or charcoal, or an instant  BBQ, and any liquid refreshment you may require!

Saturday (29th April), 7.30pm

Sunday (30th), 1pm

Friday 5th May, 7.30pm – Camas Malag Beach


Bothy space: shelter, but NO facilities!  Bothy may be full so please bring your tent!  Free.

Space in the “big house” 28th – 2nd only.  A bit less basic! H&C running water, woodburning stove, cooker, crockery & kitchen equipment, but NO vehicular access, telephone or wifi.  There WILL be a charge for this.  for more details email

5th – 7th May. Wildcamping – tents, campervans/small motorhomes (max.5) at Camas Malag beach.

The Neil Mackenzie Trust

The idea of the Challenge was to do something at Camasunary (where the new bothy was kitted out in memory of Neil) with his spirit in mind. It is about being challenged, meeting friends (old and new), having fun, and telling stories as Bell would have done, and at the same time helping the environment.

Some Challenges have already taken place, and we are looking forward to reading more stories about more challenges, anywhere in the world, on this blog – get in touch to be invited to write yours – and let as many people as possible know about the Bell’s Bothy Challenge.  It is a year long, worldwide event and does not stop after the main event!

Donations to the Trust are invited from everyone taking part in the Bell’s Bothy Challenge.  Although it does not show up on our Charity Choice page, yet, we have already reached nearly £500.


More information is available on previous blogs or on the website  or email for answers to specific questions.

Pleae note that we will be away from Thursday 27th April, and may not have internet access – so if you need to know something please email by 26th!!