Mary Nzoka

Mount Kenya (5,199m, 17.057′)

Climbing Mount Kenya has been a long-time dream of mine. While still undertaking my undergraduate studies, I worked part-time jobs to make my climb a reality, but the funds were too narrow to allow me the climb. Late August 2019, I sought the Neil Mackenzie Trust, hoping to get the additional funding. While my application seemed to have a chance, I wasn’t granted the funding since I had modest experience in mountain climbing, thus making the Mount Kenya climb an unsafe task. Margaret, from the Trust, informed me that my safety was paramount and if I gained adequate climbing experience from some smaller mountains, they would consider a re-application.

I wasted no time and used my resources over the next months to do so. I summited both Mount Elgon (4321m 14,177′) and Mount Longonot in November with the help of a guide and a few friends. Early January 2020, I re-applied to the Neil Mackenzie Trust, this time with the experience they required of me. The trust found me worthy of the grant and I received the funding. At last.

Mount Longonot (2,776m, 9108′)

I was to make my hike mid-March but have had to postpone the climb due to the current Covid-19 situation. I am to carry out the climb as soon as the situation abates. I can’t wait to make my ascent.           

I am so thankful to the Neil Mackenzie Trust for this opportunity.

We wish Mary the best of luck with her climb once the current situation has abated and she is able to go.

We are delighted to receive applications for our Expedition Grants from all over the world.